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Mid-June Post

Thanks to my friend Vicky Berry for alerting me to the 10-episode comedy series Ted Lasso (A) on Apple TV+.  The hapless mustachioed Ted as played by Jason Sudeikis becomes the clueless coach of AFC Richmond in the English premier soccer league.   A goofy Kansan, Ted keeps up a relentlessly positive good ol’ boy patter while contending with the disrespect of the players and fans. And the fact that he’s actually been hired, by wealthy divorcée Rebecca, to spite her ex-husband and tank the team.  Also on Apple TV+ is a 5-episode docuseries The Me You Can’t See (B) which covers a range of mental health situations and issues.  Notably it includes segments of Orpah Winfrey’s conversation with Prince Harry.  However the analysis doesn’t get much beyond the superficial.  More at: .   Also on the Apple TV+ platform, the first season of the excellent The Mosquito Coast (A) has wrapped after 8 episodes HBO has brou