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November Viewing Update

  Hallelujah, I did actually get to see 2 movies on the big screen: Ammonite at Ottawa’s ByTowne Cinema ( ) and The Climb at the Mayfair ( ).  God knows for how long.  Beyond that,  are streaming options galore. Netflix’s fourth season of “The Crown” is earning plaudits .. more next time. HBO has two excellent new series: “The Undoing” and the docuseries “Murder on Middle Beach” helmed by a son investigating his mother’s murder.  Ottawa’s European Union film festival in its 35 th year is presenting 27 films—for the first time online across Canada (check out: ).  November 13 started with a wonderful 2018 German film All About Me (the German title translates as “The Boy Needs Fresh Air”). Director Caroline Link’s focus is on the boyhood of Hans-Peter (Hape) Kerkeling based on his autobiography.  One of Germany’s most loved comedians he overcame family tragedy (and in 2001also penned a memoir of walkin