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Mid-May Post

First, as a follow up to the Oscar best picture win by Nomadland , this may be of interest: . Nomadland has become the most awarded feature in modern film history, and Zhao is clearly a director to watch. If you do not have the Disney+ streaming service and have not yet seen Nomadland it would be worth signing up for a free trial period just in order to do so.  I might add that Zhao’s previous film The Rider is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. Also, don’t forget about the number of documentaries (and much else) streaming for free on CBC Gem ( ).    In particular I can recommend the three-episode series Climate Change: Ade on the Frontlines which explores the effects of climate change around the world and what can be done about it.             The big new release, on May 14 on Amazon Prime Video, is the 10-episode series The Underground Railroad