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Mid-July Movie Picks

Guest Review by Rob Huebert Godzilla: King of the Monsters (US/Japan 2019 ) For those who do not need logic or deep thoughts in their movie, but just like to be entertained with large booms and bangs – Godzilla: King of Monsters is right up your ally. Taking three teen-aged boys who loved it and one wife who hated it, I must say this is my type of movie. For reasons that are never quite clear, this movie makes Godzilla the misunderstood hero. It turns out that she/he (it is never made clear except for calling Godzilla King and not Queen) is responsible for maintaining the balance of life. This of course makes her/him the ultimate environmentalist. She/he faces an enemy that does not share his/her concern for the world and a series of battles follow. But none of this matters for those who like their summer movies big loud and exciting. For people like me and my sons, this movie is the type of wholescale entertainment that summer is made for. Sure t

Early July Movie Picks

Yesterday (UK/US 2019 ) I love the touch of whimsy that director Danny Boyle brings to his movies.  This one centres on Jack Malik (Himesh Patel), a young British man of Indian ancestry who’s an aspiring musician but still lives with his parents and has a job stocking store shelves.  A schoolteacher Ellie (Lily James) helps to get him gigs but that’s not working out.  So Jack is ready to quit when a seconds-long global power outage changes everything, wiping out all memory of The Beatles (not to mention cigarettes, coke, and Harry Potter).  At the same moment Jack on a bicycle collides with a bus, yet he alone remembers.  Recovering and searching his brain, he starts singing some of the fab four’s classics, starting with “Yesterday”.  By claiming them as his compositions, he soon becomes a sensation and is introduced to singer-actor Ed Sheeran.  An avaricious L.A.-based promoter grooms him for global superstardom. Except, Jack also meets two older pe