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The book is ready for the publisher!

Happy Labour Day weekend and I have good news to report -- the imminent release of my film book anthology The Best of Screening & Meanings: A Journey through Film.  In the meantime, have a look at the  Table of Contents and Introduction .  The Appendix  is also now available online and contains my top picks for films of the year in all categories covering the two decades 1997-2017.       A hefty tome of 525 pages it contains significant new material followed by a selected anthology of my published film writings since 1982.     It will soon be available both online and in the bookstores of McNally Robinson. Many thanks to my wonderful longtime editor Maureen Weber and talented cousin Jan Schmitz for helping bring the production process to this point.  Booksellers McNally Robinson have done the final formatting and the book will be soon be available from them on a print to-order basis.  Details of that coming soon.

August 1 Book Update

Things are moving ahead with the production of The Best of Screenings & Meanings: A Journey through Film .  The cover design and text format has been completed by McNally Robinson.  It comes to 525 pages, and there will also be an appendix available online. The next step will be to review the proof copy and then it will be ready for printing.  Stay tuned.