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Post- Thanksgiving Viewing Update

Is this the beginning of the end of the big screen?  I hope not! Ottawa theatres are shuttered again and thousands have closed across North America.  (All cinemas have stayed dark in New York and L.A. since March.) For a discussion of the prospects see the segment on this recent CBC radio program: At the same time enormous amounts of good content are being added to streaming platforms.However, let me begin with the best film I’ve seen this year— a 1977 Soviet one, The Ascent, by female director Larisa Shepitko.(Tragically, it was her last feature as she and crew members were killed in a 1979 accident.)This extraordinary masterwork was broadcast October 6 on the TCM channel as part of its presentation of Mark Cousins’ 14-hour docuseries Women Make Film: A New Road Movie through Cinema (A+).More at: also: below begin with three fine doc…