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Mid-August Movie Takes

It’s the mid-summer doldrums and there’s mostly dross at the multiplex.But here are five movies worth a look. Where’d You Go, Bernadette? (U.S. 2019 Beyond being a devoted fan of director Richard Linklater, I was predisposed to like this latest effort, a sparkling adaptation of the eponymous 2012 bestseller by Maria Semple.Back in March 2018 I had a brief chat with Linklater during Austin’s South By Southwest festival when he was in production on the film (principal photography began in 2017 and the theatrical release date has been pushed back several times).I’ve also been in Port Lockroy on the Antarctic peninsula, a tiny British outpost with the world’s southernmost post office, where one of the scenes is set.Indeed the movie opens with an overhead of kayaks amid awesome icebergs, anticipating the developments of the last half hour. First we meet the central characters, a Seattle-based family of three.Bernadette Fox (Cate Blanchett)—she’s in one of the ka…

Early August Movies Update

“It was the summer of ‘69”, goes the hit Bryan Adams song. Indeed.The epic moon landing.Woodstock.But also Nixon, Vietnam, the Manson murders.Adams was then 9; I was 17 and already determined to be a nonconformist.The moon shot may have been driven by Cold War competition, but Apollo 11 was still an astounding feat for the time.I’m not sure I even knew what a computer was … the idea of a global internet was science-fiction futurist fantasy. With the comparatively primitive technology of a half century ago, how did they do it?Getting there, and back. Growing up on a working farm, the idea of idyllic summers at the cottage was also fantasy. I’ve never known cottage life.So I am grateful for the recent welcome blessing of spending the last half of July at friends’ cottages—first, Bob’s capacious beachfront place at Southampton on Lake Huron; then Jim and Carol’s loghouse-style two-story abode at Nahma Shores on Lake Michigan’s upper peninsula. It was at Bob’s on Saturday July 20, the exac…