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First New Year Movies Post

First, a few comments on the 77th “Golden Globes”.Netflix had no less than three of the five nominees in the major category of best dramatic feature—The Irishman, Marriage Story, and The Two Popes.Yet these collectively scored only one minor win—Laura Dern in a supporting category for Marriage Story.(I still expect all three to be in the running for the Oscar best picture nominations to be announced January 13.)The biggest surprise was the big-screen epic 1917 taking the top award of best drama as well as best director for Sam Mendes, giving it an undeniable boost ahead of a January 10 North American wide release.Once Upon a Time in Hollywood took three Globes including for best musical or comedy.When it comes to movie awards, the streaming services have yet to catch up to these made-for-theatrical-release features.Series are another matter as streaming increasingly dominates.I was glad to see Olivia Colman win for her superb portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II in the third season of Ne…

New Year Post: Best Movies of 2019 and Best Movies of the Decade

The Ten Best Movies of 2019
Below are very brief descriptions of my favorite films of this past year. Most have been the subject of longer reviews.For reference to these I have indicated both the blog post dates and the page number(s) in the 2019 collected reviews document.I have also added a list of a dozen documentaries that most impressed, with information links and review dates and page numbers if applicable. Parasite South Korean director Bong Joon Ho’s savage satire of his society’s class divides earned the Cannes film festival’s top prize Palme d’Or and should be the favorite for the best international feature film (previously best foreign-language film) Oscar to be announced February 9.Don’t be surprised if it also makes it into the main best picture category, nominations for which will be announced on January 13.(Reviewed 30 October, p. 67) The Two Popes Brazilian director Fernando Meirelles’ insightful imagining of this unusual relationship features stellar performances from Jona…